Celebrating a Culture of Knowledge Transfer and Creativity: The Second WiRe Research Video Contest!

Update: Voting Closed! We are thrilled by the enthusiastic participation in our second science video competition! A big thank you to the 769 people who watched, voted, and shared the videos across their networks. We hope you enjoyed the content and learned something new. Below, you’ll find an overview of the winners. The videos are still available for viewing, so scroll down, check them out, and see if you agree with the results.

One of the main pillars of WiRe is research communication – how can the complex research of our fellows be presented in an accessible and understandable way to those outside their field? One of our solutions: the WiRe Research Video, a project that started with the second WiRe cohort (2020/21)! Under the guidance of the WiRe team, especially Nikolaus Urban, each WiRe Fellow became the scriptwriter, director and producer of a video focused on their research project at the University of Münster.

A lot of time, effort, and creativity went into the making of these videos – for almost all fellows it served as a first encounter with concepts and tools of video creation! We are delighted to present on our blog for the second time the videos from the previous WiRe cohort (2023) in a competition format. The public has spoken, and the winners are …

Category 1 // Research Content and Comprehensibility: How well and in depth was the research explained?

Dr. Aleksandra Marsavelski

Category 2 // Scie-tainment: How well were you entertained?

Dr. Fernanda Gervasoni

Category 3 // Vision and design: What do you think of the artistic concept, design and cinematic realisation?

Dr. Amélia Messara

Congratulations, and thank you to all fellows for your participation and creative efforts!

WiRe Research Video Online Voting: Cohort 2023

Dr. Amélia Messara: Treating Acne and Cancer with the Same Molecule

Dr. Elisha Maseman: Art as Spaces of Expression in the Big City

Dr. Fernanda Gervasoni: On the Hunt for Super Deep Diamonds

Dr. Ivy Cheng: Neurostimulation in the Treatment of Swallowing Disorders

Dr. Francesca Mazzilli: The Impact and Importance of Ancient Religious Sites

Dr. Alison Posey: National Literature, National Identity

Dr. Aleksandra Marsavelski: Can We Save the Planet with Plastic-eating Enzymes?

Dr. Pauline Zablocki-Thomas: Personalities and Pigeons