WiRe – Women in Research Postdoc Fellowship in 2025: Application Period Planned for Mid-May until Mid-September 2024

The University of Münster’s WiRe – Women in Research program is again awarding several fellowships for international female postdocs in 2025: Funding is provided for the implementation of smaller research projects at the University of Münster with a duration of 4-8 months with the aim of stimulating longer-term collaboration. Funding of up to 12 months is possible under the matching option. The research can take place on site in Münster or remotely from the current location (for family or research-related reasons). The funding amounts to 2800€ per month (on-site) or 2200€ (remote) plus child allowance if applicable. Female postdocs who have acquired most of their academic training outside Germany and have NOT conducted research in Germany in the last 6 months are eligible to apply. Further information: http://uni.ms/wire

WiRe – Women in Research Postdoc Fellowships

WiRe is a fellowship program for international female postdoctoral researchers at the University of Münster in Germany. Hosted by our Welcome Centre, the WiRe program was founded to help address the unique challenges of women in research, with a special focus on female Postdocs who currently find themselves in their ‘Rush Hour of Life’.

The WiRe program offers short-term fellowships as well as comprehensive support for its fellows through workshops, collegial counselling, and coaching. Fellowships can span between 4-8 months. Longer periods of up to 12 months are possible within the framework of our matching option, please find more information below.

During the WiRe period, fellows conduct their research in cooperation with a professor at the University of Münster and can pursue research and development possibilities as well as the wide range of support structures available for female scientists in Münster. Our fellowships are intended to provide an opportunity to explore future career prospects while initiating and fostering further cooperation with the University.

In 2020, WiRe Research@home Fellowships were created as our solution to the challenging circumstances faced by the international scientific community. As time and experience has shown that our Research@home Fellowships allow for an easier combination of family obligations and career aspirations, we will continue to offer a remote option, although we highly encourage fellows to carry out their research on site in Münster if possible. However, the Research@home Fellowships allow for the chance to pursue a research project at the University of Münster from your home base.

WiRe Fellowships: Our Offer

We offer Postdoc Fellowships for female researchers lasting between 4-8 months. Periods of up to 12 months are possible through the matching option: if your host department at the University of Münster funds at least two fellowship months, WiRe will fund one additional fellowship month.

The on-site and remote options available aim to increase the number of women in academia by providing support for female researchers in what is often regarded as the most critical phase of the academic career development: the postdoc phase.

General Fellowship Conditions:

  • On-site and remote options available
  • Fellowship sum of 2800€ per month for on-site fellowships, 2200€ for remote fellowships*
  • Family bonus: Child allowance of 200€ for each child*
  • Additional funding allotted for conference participation, if applicable
  • Excellent research and career development opportunities
  • Access to all communication channels, networks and research infrastructure of the University of Münster
  • Collective fellowship meetings, workshops and collegial coaching

In addition to support and funding, WiRe fellows should expect to participate in digital science / research communication collaborations with the WiRe team, as increasing research accessibility and inspiring other female scientists by way of new and creative media channels is one of the main focuses of the program.

*Further information here

Could a WiRe Fellowship be Your Next Move? Our eligibility criteria

You are eligible to apply if you:

  • have obtained your PhD no longer than 8 years ago, or are about to earn your PhD (you must have submitted your PhD thesis it by the start of your fellowship),
  • have not worked at a German higher education institution in the past six months, and
  • have completed the majority of your academic qualifications outside of Germany.

WiRe Postdoc Fellowships 2025

We plan to open the next call from Mid-May 2024 until mid-September 2024. Decisions will be announced by the end of October 2024.

You can find more information on the WiRe Fellowship here.