Dr. Aleksandra Maršavelski: Optimizing Enzymes for Sustainable Plastic Recycling

Hi, my name is Aleksandra Maršavelski and I am coming from Zagreb, Croatia. I am a biochemist, and my research is focused on improving enzyme activity by applying different computational and experimental approaches. More precisely, I am interested in the evolution and optimization of enzyme activity toward plastic polyesters that might serve in sustainable plastic recycling. Here in Münster, I use a computational technique called ancestral sequence reconstruction which is a well-established strategy to reveal the mechanisms and dynamics of protein evolution and key points in the protein evolutionary path. This technique will allow us to identify how the plastic degrading activity in naturally occurring enzymes evolved in the first place during the short time span that plastics have existed in the environment.

Fun fact: Here in Münster, I ride my bike in high heels.

Since childhood I enjoy different genres of music and music from different cultures. Later I learned that there is even the brain science of listening to different genres of music.