Dr. Angélique Lamaze and the Chronobiology of the Drosophila Melanogaster

Meet the WiRe fellow who is making significant strides in the field of neurobiology and chronobiology. Angélique is conducting research at the University of Münster, where she is studying the influence of temperature on the internal clock in fruit flies in Prof. Stanewsky’s lab. As an expert in neurobiology and chronobiology, Angélique has conducted research in London and several other places before joining the WWU.

Her roots are in French Guiana, where she grew up amidst carnival celebrations and giant turtles. Her interest in carnival culture and celebrations led her to inquire about celebrating carnival in Germany, which initially surprised her colleagues until they learned about her upbringing in French Guiana. With her strong associations to her place of origin and her current place of residence, Angélique’s research and studies are driven by her passion for understanding the complex biological mechanisms that govern life. Welcome Angélique!