Dr. Arianna Parnigoni: What Skincare and Cancer Research Have in Common

Hello to everyone! My name is Arianna, I’m from Italy and I’m a biologist. I have always been a curious and ambitious person – exploring and finding new things has always been fascinating to me. Being a scientist perfectly fits this side of me. I love the concept of starting from an idea and then validate or even invalidate that hypothesis.

I’ve always been involved in cancer research, starting from my master’s degree education, which focused, indeed, on cancer biology. My actual research explores the connection between hyaluronic acid and the aggressiveness of breast cancer. And if you are questioning this, yes: hyaluronic acid is not only a good friend for your skin and wrinkles!

Why cancer research? Because it is fascinating, challenging and offers plenty of opportunities. What’s more, working in a research area that has the potential to make the lives of so many people better is a big positive aspect, even though my effort is still only a small part in comparison to the great demand of answers that cancer research inquires.

Fun fact: I am a cold weather lover, but Münster is testing me a lot!