Dr. Paromita Bhattacharjee: Researching Acousto-optic Charge Transport in Hybrid Organic-inorganic Semiconductor Systems

Hi! I’m Paromita Bhattacharjee, an electronics engineer hailing from India. I earned my Ph.D. in Nanotechnology from the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati. My doctoral research focused on the interaction of organic semiconductors with surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices for efficient signal processing applications.

Currently, I am a WiRe postdoctoral fellow, studying hybrid systems based on emerging semiconductors such as perovskites and organic materials to explore SAW-based devices for optical sensing and emission under the guidance of Prof. Hubert Krenner at the University of Münster. These material systems offer cost-effectiveness and utilize standard spin-coating and low-temperature processes for deposition. Therefore, they promise sustainable solutions to the challenges associated with downscaled dimensions of traditional electronic devices. By studying acousto-optic charge transport in these hybrid systems, we aim to unlock the potential of efficient all-optical excitonic devices!

On a lighter note, I find it fascinating that my birthplace, the Indian state of Meghalaya, boasts Mawsynram, the wettest place on Earth! Thus, adapting to the unpredictable rainy weather in Münster feels nostalgic in a way.