On the Way to Inclusion: Fostering Physical Education for All Abilities with Dr. Maria João Campos

Olá! My name is Maria Campos. I’m a professor at the University of Coimbra, Portugal in the Faculty of Sport Sciences and Physical Education. Currently I’m doing research on Inclusive Physical Education and on the Effects of Exercise Programs in participants with Disabilities. I’m passionate about teaching, inclusion and organizing activities for people with disabilities.

In another life, I was a rugby player until a severe ankle injury led me to explore other paths with my free time. What did I do next? It was time to grow up and dive into research!

I’m very excited about my WiRe postdoctoral research, entitled “Fostering Physical Education 4 All Abilities,” conducted with Jun.-Prof Helga Leineweber of the University of Münster’s Institute for Sport Science. The project will allow us to conduct a cross national analysis on self-efficacy of pre-service PE teachers in both Portugal and Germany, in order to enable professional pedagogical decision-making and action-taking in fostering inclusive settings. The primary objectives are to promote inclusion and to empower people with disabilities in educational and sport contexts.

I love to travel and relish the opportunity to meet new people and savour diverse foods and experiences. Having collected memories in over 25 countries, I find joy in exploring vibrant cities, yet increasingly, my heart finds contentment in immersing myself in the beauty of nature and all its splendour