Spring Awakening in Münster – Blooming daffodils, chirping birds and rising temperatures – Winter is over, Spring is here!

Who doesn’t love the first warm and sunny days of the year? When you cross the threshold in the morning expecting it to be cold outside but then you’re breathing the fresh but gently warm spring air.
In Spring, Münster appears in a completely new light. Once the city rouses from its hibernation, there are colorful spring flowers all around and trees are slowly turning green with the growth of new leaves. It’s also the season with the least rain which encourages people to head out into nature and evokes the feeling of spring at the end of a long winter.

Just in time for this beautiful season, the WiRe Team presents spots and corners of the city to you which are extraordinarily gorgeous during spring – spots which we usually like to explore along with the fellows. Sadly, due to the current pandemic, most of our fellows don’t have the chance to experience this time of the year in Münster for themselves.

Hop on and join our little tour

We still didn’t want you to miss out! That’s why we hopped on our bikes, paid a visit to some of our favourite spring locations and took some photos for you.

Münster’s Botanical Garden

A great spot to watch the spring awakening is the Botanical Garden of the University of Münster. This place is often referred to as the “green oasis” of the city. It is located right behind the Schloss Münster in the rear part of the “Schlossgarten” and open daily.

The garden was founded in 1803 and does not only serve the purpose of scientific research and teaching but also contributes to the conservation of species- and genetic diversity. For that matter, it hosts around 8000 different plant species on 5 ha with 200 sqm of greenhouse area. The botanical garden is separated in different thematic areas, such as alpine plants, Mediterranean flora or medicinal plants.

You can either take a relaxing stroll and simply enjoy the ambiance or even learn something about the various plants from a scientific point of view. You can also find a scent and touch garden along with a barefoot path, which is a fun experience for visitors of all ages!

We asked our fellow Carla – who currently lives in Münster – about her favorite spots this time of the year and she likes the Botanical Garden just as much as we do!

The Botanical Garden, right behind the Schloss, is definitely one of my favorite spots in Münster. In spring there is literally an explosion of flowers, it is quite impossible to not be impressed by that (and it’s free!)


“It was one of the first places I visited when I arrived in Münster and every now and then I like to pass by to check for new plants and also check the greenhouses, where I feel like being on vacation on a tropical island”, Carla explains.

Lake Aasee

“The Aasee is another of my favorite spots, you can chill on the grass looking at the lake and at the little boats. But I have to admit that also the ‘winter edition’ was quite impressive, with the lake completely frozen!”

Joggers enjoying early morning spring air at Lake Aasee

Despite the fact that the Aasee attracts people all year around, the first days of spring are the perfect occasion for a walk along the lake to soak up the sun. You might even spot a cherry blossom tree!
This exported Japanese tradition is the embodiment of spring for a lot of citizens and visitors of the city. So if you’re still not in real spring fever, maybe the cherry blossoms will get you there!

Enjoy a Japanese Moment: Münster’s Cherry Blossom

You can find individual cherry blossom trees burst into color all around the city but the best spots to find some of these pretty trees are the “Hörstertor”, the “Servatiiplatz” and – a personal favorite – the Schulstraße in a quarter called “Kreuzviertel”.

Wilhelminian architecture and fancy cafes

You might also want to pay a visit to one of the small cafes at the “Kreuzviertel”, where you can either sit down and enjoy a piece of cake or grab a coffee-to-go and take a walk past old residential buildings through this rather calm quarter – just like our former fellow Giulia:

“The charming neighborhood of Kreuzviertel remains also one of my favorite places to wander and get to know some of the best coffee shops and restaurants in the city.”


But that’s not all, Giulia told us “Münster has so much to offer! If I’m up for spending some time in nature, I can choose between going for a run along the Promenade or sitting lazily and meditating in front of a majestic sunset sky over the Aasee. But Münster also features a unique cityscape! I love walking through the cobblestone streets of the Innenstadt and browse through stores and boutiques and the beautiful historic buildings in which they are often housed.”

People enjoying the first warm spring days in Münster by the promenade.

Historical centre and market

While strolling through the historical center you should definitely stop by the weekly market.
In the shade of the St.-Paulus-Dom, the “Wochenmarkt” takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. It is the biggest market in Münster and the region with around 150 stalls. Münster’s market has a long tradition which goes back to the 10th century. Back then, the market was broken down into different divisions according to the type of goods. Until today, the streets around the Cathedral serve as a reminder of the market’s history. You can walk along “Alter Fischmarkt” (which means as much as “Old fish market”) and “Roggenmarkt” (“rye market”), just to name a few examples. Due to the emerging traffic in Old Town at the beginning of the 1900s, the market was moved to the “Domplatz” where it’s located until today.
The numerous flower stalls are characteristic for the market and transform it into a sea of flowers! This time of the year there’s a wide selection of tulips and other spring flowers.
But of course, that’s not all: From fruit and vegetables to fish, meat, cheese, honey, bread and cake, you can purchase local goods but also more special products and delicacies that are rarely found at a grocery store.

For cheese lovers I’d recommend getting a “Käsetüte”. Some of the cheese stalls offer a bag with a selection of cheeses inside. You never know for sure what’s inside the bag you choose, so it’s always a surprise and a great way to try new types of cheese.
The market offers all the heart could possibly desire with an emphasis on variety and freshness. Hence, it should not come as a surprise that it is not only popular in Münster but also beyond the borders of the city.

Münster is always worth a visit and a beautiful city throughout the whole year but during Spring it shows itself from its best side. I hope we were able to give you at least a small impression and brought the joy of springtime in Münster to your home!