Wire Alumni Dr. Anna Stejskalová Named “Emerging Alumni Award Winner 2021” by Imperial College London

Congrats, Anna! Former WIRE Fellow Anna is one of five “Emerging Alumni Leader Award” winners of 2021. Having been amongst the first women to receive the WIRE Fellowship in 2019, she joined Prof. Götte’s team at the WWU Münster in order to study endometriosis in more depth.

Anna explained in our WIRE interview, “it is a disease where the lining of the uterus grows elsewhere in the body, causing severe pain. Despite this disease being very common (it is estimated that 6–10 % of women suffer from this disease), what causes the disease and how to treat it is still not fully understood. What we are doing in the lab is studying the diseased cells and the possible mechanisms they use to invade other tissues and organs. This could, in the future, lead to more targeted therapies.”

Dr Anna Stejskalová, this year’s winner of the “Emerging Alumni Leader Award”, which is awarded by Imperial College London annually. / © Screenshot www.imperial.ac.uk/alumni/alumni-awards/emerging//alumni/alumni-awards/emerging/

Find out more about Anna’s research during her WIRE Fellowship at WWU Münster here