Dr. Julietta Steinhauer: Giving a Voice to Those Who Have Lived Long Before Us

I’m originally from North Rhine Westphalia and here from an area where we take our Carnival seriously (alaaf). I have been living in the land of fish & chips for most of my adult life. 

My research, however, concerns the lands where most people holiday – the sunny Aegean islands and Asia Minor, or, in modern terms, the west coast of Turkey. This is where I gather information from stones, artefacts, and libraries.
About my work on migration: I’m obsessed with gravestones and lists, the more the merrier. These can give us key information about demographics and people movements. 

I would describe my work as giving a voice to marginalised individuals that have lived thousands of years before our time and establishing what their lived experiences were – as women, migrants, and slaves.