Dr. Rehana Shrestha

Dr. Rehana Shrestha: Designing Healthier Cities and Habitats

Meet Wire Fellow Dr. Rehana Shrestha, hailing from the country with the highest mountain in the world – Nepal! Did you know that Nepal’s flag is also the world’s only non-quadrilateral national flag?

Rehana’s research with Prof. Dr. Christian Kray at the WWU’s Institute of Geoinformatics has to do with smart technologies and structures, sensors, noises, air, and people – all with the goal of helping all of us. She plans to focus on using “smart approaches” to reduce noise and environmental pollution in cities.

Though Rehana has not yet attempted to climb Mount Everest, she did start her career as an architect and urban planner in Nepal before studying in our neighboring country, the Netherlands. And when it comes to cycling, the Dutch and Münster are known for their love of it!